F1 Today – 22/10/2015

F1 Today

Rather be in GP3 than reserve – Merhi

Manor driver Roberto Merhi says he would rather race in GP3 rather than be a third or Reserve driver. The Spaniard has been replaced by Alexander Rossi for the next three races.

This appears to suggest that he will not retain his seat for 2016. Merhi however will be back in the car in Abu Dhabi while Rossi focuses on GP2. He has made it clear that he has no plans to be a reserve driver.

He told Autosport “For me it’s really boring to go to a track but not be driving the car. To be only a third driver is not what I’m looking for. I hate going to a track and not driving.

The Spaniard added “I’d rather drive a GP3 car than be a third driver in Formula 1 and not drive because [racing something else] is much more fun. At least you are driving.”

He says the team could be two seconds faster when they switch to Mercedes power next year. He said “Manor next year is going to be in a much better position for scoring points than this year, and that increases my desire to be with the team.”


Ferrari racing debut on NYSE

Ferrari has made their debut under the ticker Race on the New York Stock Exchange. Ten percent of the car company has been listed by the owners Fiat-Chrysler which retain a eighty percent stake with the other ten belonging to the Ferrari family.

The share sale is to help the company raise money to expand their Alfa Romeo and Maserati brands plus scaling down debt. Ferrari’s biggest market is America  equalling that of Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France combined.

Ferrari reported a net profit of 265m euros (£194m) last year, up 7%  from the previous year. As of 17:17GMT they were trading up 2.16%. reaching a high of $58.20.


Follow Hamilton

The promoter of this weekends United States Grand Prix Bobby Epstein says F1 Drivers should follow the example set by Lewis Hamilton. The 30 year old could win his this weekend in Austin.

The British driver needs to beat Sebastian Vettel by nine points and his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg by two to confirm his third title. Hamilton has a party life style splitting his time between his home in Monaco, London / Brackley were his team are based and America.

Hamilton spends time with people like Kate Moss and Prince Harry which according to Epstein has raised some eyebrows in the F1 paddock it is just what the sport needs. He told The Guardian “This is the centre of the entertainment business. Formula One has some great personalities and we shouldn’t hold them back. They are the people who sell tickets.”

He says Hamilton has got outside the contort zone of most people but it is great for the business. Last year Epstein said the sport should “loosen up a bit” and “make the sort about personalities”.


BREAKING – Hamilton’s challenge boosted

Hamilton’s chances of winning this year’s world championship this weekends United States Grand Prix have been boosted after his Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel has a ten place penalty.

The penalty was given for an engine rule infringement. Vettel would need to be second to keep his challenge alive. He is 66 points behind the British driver with 100 still to play for.


Recovered gearboxes

McLaren has managed to recover to gearboxes which over heated and lead to the retirement of Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso in Singapore.

The gearboxes suffered excessive overheating far beyond their design limits. No gearbox in the teams history has ever experienced such high temperatures and survived. Motorsport.com say they have learned that the cause was tyre rubber debris and fallen leaves blocking the gearbox oil cooler, meaning that temperatures began to climb.

There was fears that the gearboxes would not be able to be used again however the team discovered that there were minimal consequences. Acting CEO Jonathan Neale told Motorsport.com: “When the gearbox operates at those sorts of extreme temperatures, you start to see some pretty catastrophic degradation of the internal components.”

Neale believes that this was because of the work of fuel and lubricants supplier ExxonMobil in delivering oil that minimised damage.


Dreaming of home podium – Perez

Sergio Perez says it is his s dream is to step on the podium at his home Grand Prix in Mexico City next weekend. Formula one is returning to the circuit for the first time since 1992.

He is reported to of told local media that he knows it won’t be easy for him. He told Record “I definitely dream about climbing the podium but I have to be down-to-earth that a possible victory will only occur in extraordinary circumstances, as in Russia.”

Perez says that 100,000 people are expected to attend the next race in a week time in Mexico City.


Wash out

This weekends United States Grand Prix could a wet weekend as forecasters are predicting heavy rain. The city has been without rain since August.

Formula 1 Chief Meteorologist Steffen Dietz is predicting heavy rain throughout Friday which will cause the circuit to be wet and low temperate through practice one with a slight rise for the second session.

Heavy rain is predicted for the third session on Saturday with them expected to weaker in qualifying. Sunday’s forecast will see light showers through the race with highs of 22 degrees with northerly winds.


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