F1 Today – 19/10/2015

F1 Today

Total re write – Ecclestone & Mosley

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says it time for a total rewrite of Formula One rules to make the championship more exciting. Ecclestone says that the sport has now become an “engineers’ championship”.

Speaking in a joint interview with former FIA president Max Mosley they told a German channel that they think F1 has diluted too much the role of the driver. Calling for a rethink of the current regulations or a strict enforcement of current rules to outlaw driver aids.

Ecclestone says the sport has lost too many drivers from the centre of the action and engineers now having a major influence on performance. Speaking to Motorsports.com Ecclestone said “They sit there on the starting grid and there is an engineer who starts the race, it is just not on.

Adding “It should be when the lights go off they are on their own. They don’t need somebody telling them your [team-mate] is using that through this corner. It is just not on.”

He  gave the example of Lewis Hamilton saying he is “ not a super driver, but he is given a hell of a lot of help.” Mosley called for a ban along with Ecclestone on driver aids saying he thinks F1’s attraction is being lessened because of it.

He said “The fundamental thing is that a lot of the technology is so complex that nobody understands it,” he said.


News – in – Brief

  • Wehrlein youngest DTM champion – Mercedes test driver Pascal Wehrlein has become the youngest German Touring Car champion after finishing eighth at Hockenheim, a day before his birthday and with a race to spare.
  • Ecclestone turns 85 – The daughters of Berine Ecclestone Tamara and Petra through a lavish winter wonderland themed party for his family and friends on Saturday night.


Pretty good idea of replacement – Gastaldi

Lotus deputy team principal Federico Gastaldi says the team have a “pretty good idea” who will driver alongside Pastor Maldondo next season. The team will lose Romain Grosjean to Haas at the end of the season.

There have been many drivers including Kevin Magnusson who left McLaren last week, test driver Jolyon Palmer and former Toro Rosso driver Jean-eric Vergne. Gastaldi told Fox Sports Asia “The remorseless passing of time means that you always get closer to something in the future, so yes, we are closer to making an announcement.”

He added that a decision would come sooner rather than later. Gastaldi added “We won’t be disclosing who it is before we announce it, but we certainly have been speaking to drivers with good provenance and we have a pretty good idea who we will have in the car.”


Perez’s confidence knocked – Fernley

Force India’s deputy team principal Bob Fernley says that Serigo Perez was unhappy with his year at McLaren saying it was too much too soon. Perez joined the team after two impressive years with Sauber to replace Lewis Hamilton.

Perez has also hinted that his season with McLaren was damaging to his career and since then he has been rebuilding his confidence with the team. He has also scored a few podiums with the team. Fernley told Autosport “”It’s about having the confidence and him feeling comfortable within the team environment.”

He added “For Checo, his time at McLaren was just an unfortunate experience. That move probably came a little bit too early. You can’t ever underestimate McLaren, they’re a great team, but from our side we knew we had a good talent – it was just a case of nurturing it.”

He says there is nothing between him and his team-mate Nico Hulkenberg in races. Saying  “ It’s their different skill bases which makes them good for the team and allows us to lean on one or the other depending on what circuit we’re on, which for us, is perfect.”


Track walker seeks short sentence

The British man who was charged for walking into the track during last month’s Singapore Grand Prix voluntarily went back to prison on Friday. It is thought that he will be jailed next month.

Yogvitam Pravin Dhokia appeared in court with his lawyer saying Jeremy Mark Pereira told AFP “He chose to go back into remand. He went back voluntarily.” He will be back in court in two weeks time and faces a six months jail term.

He was charged with committing a “rash act” that endangered other people, an offence punishable with imprisonment of up to six months or a maximum fine.

Mark Pereira says they  would seek a shorter prison sentence.


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