F1 Today: 19/03/2015

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Lowdon confident of solving issues

Manor Marussia’s President and sporting director Graeme Lowdon is confident that the team can overcome the technical problems that kept them off the gird last week in Australia.

Speaking to BBC Look North Lowdon said  “We’ll be in a much better position by the time we get to Kuala Lumpur. As a team we missed the chance to show what we can do [in Melbourne]. It was primarily down to software, they’re tremendously complex cars.”

The team was born out the ashes of Marussia that folded last year but returned after new investment was found. He says the teams collapse last year harmed the teams development of their 2015 car. Saying “with the 2015 car we were advanced with, we could have really turned a few heads, if we hadn’t had to stop.”


Hitting back against Red Bull

Renault says that Red Bull took an aggressive approach to engine development this season. Cyril Abiteboul says the manufacturer bypassed our normal quality and test-bench validation processes.

Renault says that they developed the engine at the way Renault has always done. Abiteboul said “Now we have to ask ourselves how we could forget our traditional methods. We have been manufacturing F1 engines for 37 years,” he said. “We know what we need to do.”

He added that thou Red Bull is predicting a “dull” season full of Mercedes dominance that you can’t write Renault off that easily. He described the relationship as having problems at the moment.


Prost: Don’t understand complaints against Mercedes

Four- time world champion Alain Prost says he does not understand the complaints that Mercedes are dominating F1. He says it “part of the game”.

Other teams fear that Mercedes could dominate the season as it did in 2014 after they scored the maximum points in the season opener last weekend. The Red Bull boss Christian Horner to call on the FIA to rein in Mercedes’ advantage.

Prost is surprised by the negative reaction from other teams saying the rise and fall from the top is part of Formula One’s DNA. He told F1i t feels like people no longer accept it when one team dominates, when someone does a good job,” Prost told F1i.

“But that is not Formula One. Formula One is about competing. Mercedes has been preparing for three or four years to reach the top.”


Breaking records (hopefully) – Hembery  

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery believes that the new construction of tires this season could lead to lap records being broken this season. The e majority of existing lap records set in F1 came during the 2004 season when the regulations favoured all-out speed using V10 engines.

In data published by the tire supplier today it says that 2015 cars were an average of two seconds per lap quicker than they were in 2014. Since returning to the sport in 2011 Pirelli has face criticism over safety fears.

“These figures underline what we expected to see following pre-season testing: a significant reduction in lap times, with cars that will only get faster as the year goes on,” Hembery said.


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