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Last chance if changes go ahead in 2017

F1 bosses are facing a key meeting next Tuesday if new regulations are to be put into place for 2017. The new regulations are aimed at making the cars up to six seconds faster.

The meeting where the Strategy Group and the F1 Commission will discuss the changes will take place in Geneva. The magazine Autosport says they understand there is every possibility the changes may be put on hold until 2018.

One source says “We will have reached the point of no return by next Tuesday. It’s OK to have self-interest, but we need to do what makes sense for what we want the cars to do.”

Adding “If we build cars that are great on downforce, but you can’t overtake anymore, and Pirelli has to put 35psi into the tyres to make them last, then the sport is not being helped in any way.”

Recent discussions have caused more problems with Red Bull boss Christian Horner saying “The mandate was clear to make cars five or six seconds a lap quicker, much harder to drive, more spectacular and sort the men from the boys.”


Eager for better head protection – Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo says Formula One drivers are eager to see increased head protection and sees no real downsides to the halo proposal. Head protection for drivers have been high on the agenda following  fatal accidents of Jules Bianchi and IndyCar’s Justin Wilson.

The halo idea which is a protective piece of carbon fibre around the top of the driver’s head supported by a vertical strut in front of the cockpit has meet with the approval of drivers.

Speaking to ESPN Ricciardo said “There’s been quite a lot of dialogue in the GPDA [Grand Prix Drivers Association] with a lot of emails going back and forth in the last month or so.”

“I think most of us are for it, however it’s styled or designed, but it’s just to have that extra little bit [of protection].” He says there is not really downsides to the halo concept and doesn’t impair the drivers vision.

The Halo is the FIA’s preferred option but all changes for 2017 must be agreed by the end of the month.


Hamilton and Rosberg taste there new car

Lewis Hamilton has had his first taste along with Nico Rosberg of the new Mercedes during a filming event at Silverstone ahead of the first pre-season test.

Hamilton will be hoping once again that the car will help him to defend his third world title. Between them they have covered 98.2km of a maximum 100km.

Paddy Lowe said “We haven’t even taken the engine cover off yet in the whole morning session which is a really good sign of the reliability that we’ve achieved at this point.”

Lowe said the new engine was a little louder than last year and he warned that Mercedes will be under treat but this will become clear in the next few days.


Williams release images of 2016 car

Williams have become the first team to release images of their 2016 car. The team which will be looking to cerement there place as the third best team in F1 this season.

Last year the team hinted that the 2016 car, the FW38 would be “significantly” different. Visually the car looks the same bit they have remodelled the side pods and rear according to images.

Team owner Sir Frank Williams said “Williams has started to cement our position back amongst the front running teams after finishing third in the championship in the past two seasons.”

Sir Frank added that the team has achieved “a great achievement given the resources of those around us. Staying where we are will be a challenge in itself, but we are determined to keep improving because only winning will ever be good enough.”


Ferrari launch 2016 car

Ferrari have launched their 2016 car the SF16-H during an online presentation to fans and the media. The team has been set by Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene for the 2016 world title.

Arrivabene told the media while the team launch the car “Last year the objective was three victories, we got it. But I think this year we need to push a bit more.

“So it’s going to be the championship. At least we would like to fight until the end for the championship.” The Italian team last won a drivers championship in 2007 with Kimi Raikkonen and constructors in 2008.

After a difficult and winless 2014 the team bounced back last year meeting Arrivabene’s target of three wins. Mercedes have been the dominate force over the last two seasons.

Technical Director James Allison said “We didn’t have enough power in 2014, we didn’t have enough downforce, kinematics on our suspension were not ideal and our packaging left a lot to be desired as well.”


Richard Mille to sponsor McLaren

Richard Mille has signed a ten year deal to be the watch sponsor of McLaren after the teams former sponsor switch to Red Bull and brought the engine naming rights.

Richard Mille has signed a ten year deal following the ending of Tag Heuer’s thirty year deal ended. The deal means Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button will wear its watches.

McLaren chairman Ron Dennis said: “A 10-year partnership with McLaren underlines our shared belief in the value of long-term agreements, and the benefits that can be derived from growing and developing together.”

“I’m excited about the great work we can achieve together over the next 10 years.” He says the two brands have distinct interests in design , technology and aesthetics.

Mille added “The chance to partner with McLaren is particularly timely: we’ve been evaluating Formula 1 on a restricted basis for several years, but this opportunity has enabled us to engage in a deeper, more meaningful way.”


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