F1 Today – 17/11/2015

F1 Today

Appealing disqualification

Williams will appeal Felipe Massa’s disqualification from the Brazilian Grand Prix saying there tyre measurements were within the regulations.

The stewards disqualified the Brazilian after his tyres were found to be 27 degrees over the permitted temperature. Williams head of engineering Rob Smedley says the FIA readings were wrong and three independent readings of its own that show the temperature to be comfortably below the permitted level.

Smedley told Crash.net “The last time we could read it, when they took the set off to the grid, it was about 104C. the next independent measure we have is from the car data. This is a completely independent measure.”

Adding “The right rear tyre of Massa’s car was 105.7C on the Texas infrared temp sensor. So we have two independent sensors which both say we were in compliance with the regulations. We have data to back that up.”

He says the exact sensor failed for Mercedes in Monza and the team does its own checks on tyres.


Ridiculous regulations

Former F1 driver Stefan Johansson has labelled the current regulations on engines as “ridiculous” for not allowing enough development to help rivals catch Mercedes. The German manufacturer has dominated the championship for the second year in a row, as its power unit has proved to be a class apart.

Engine development this season was only done by a token system with each manufacturer getting a certain number of tokens based on were they finished in 2014. Johansson described the concept as   “completely broken”.

“The real problem is this incredibly complicated engine formula that F1 has with penalties for this and that, and you’re not allowed to do any development,” Johansson told Motorsports.com.

He  said the initial concept of the ban does make sense but has already been broken. The Swed says if you allowed Ferrari and Renault  to put as much resources in it will allow others to catch up.

He adds the manufacturers have spent on the engines is obscene adding “It’s ridiculous to have a formula where there’s only one successful engine and the others are not permitted to do the development they obviously need to become competitive.”


Paris Attacks – Todt attacked over minute silence

FIA President Jean Todt has been attacked by the press after not changing the minutes silence from remembrance of people killed in road accidents to people killed in terrorist attacks on Friday in Paris.

129 people were killed when so called Islamic State gunmen opened fire at the Stade de France, Bataclan concert hall and areas nearby. He says more people are killed in RTC’s than in Paris.


Team calls or more problems – Wolff

Lewis Hamilton will not be allowed to make his own calls on strategy in the future after a frustrating Brazilian Grand Prix. Team boss Toto Wolff said if the team were to give more freedom it would only create more problems.

Wolff says if drivers were left to make their own calls they would lose every single race. He told The Telegraph “As a fan I can understand but there are various escalations. We could have done it like teams in the past where we have a clear No 1 and No 2 and the No 2 would not come close to the other one.

“Sometimes it is difficult for us to manage letting the two fight each other. Now you could even say, ‘Let’s take it one step further and also let the strategists play against each other’, but this is not where we want to get.”

He suggested that his form may have dropped following his third title because  the “adrenalin” might not be as high, but the English driver denied that his form has dipped.


Verstappen & Sainz to remain at Toro Rosso

Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz are almost certain to remain with Toro Rosso next season. The team faced an uncertain future after the team’s owner Dietrich Mateschitz threatened to pull out of the sport.

Both drivers have made a good impression on F1 providing some good wheel to wheel racing and helping their team to be in within touching distance of their best championship result. Tost expecting the line up to remain in place saying on Friday “If the team is on the starting grid then I consider both of them will be the drivers of Toro Rosso.”

Toro Rosso is mainly used as a showcase for Red Bulls Young Driver Program. There was suggestions that Verstappen could of replace Daniil Kyvat at the main team.

Tost stressed that Toro Rosso’s future “is not decided yet” but, with a smile, added: “I’m convinced and optimistic this will be the case.”


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