F1 Today – 17/07/2015

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 Bottas to Ferrari Nasr to Williams  

The Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport says that Ferrari has brought Williams’s driver Valtteri Bottas to drive for the team for £83,200,000. Meanwhile Williams have brought Sauber’s Felipe Nasr to replace him.

The newspaper says the deal will be announced in early August after a cause on Kimi Raikkonen’s contract expires. If the deal was confirmed it will start the driver market to go in full swing. Nasr move from Sauber will mean Williams will bring significant sponsorship from Banco do Brasil.

Nasr says he hasn’t heard anything saying “Of course there are always rumours. But I’m still committed to Sauber, we have a plan to improve the car in 2016, we have a lot of work going on and have hired a new (technical) boss.”

He added he had a good year with Williams and he sees a open door.


Russia will go ahead

Organisers of the Russian Grand Prix say they have no doubts about the future of the race if local government failed to give the race backing. Race promoter Sergey Vorobyev, who said the situation was unchanged.

Every race needs to pay race fee to FOM in this cause the local government pays the fee. Vorobyev told Motorsport.com “I am sure that the Russian GP will take place in Sochi in 2015 and in upcoming years. All preparation works for the race is going ahead and nothing has changed.”

According to sources of the website say the loan will definitely go ahead – and furthermore that the finance will be duly written off.


Get behind the race

The management of the Hockenhiem Circuit called on fans to get behind the race next year when the race returns. The race was due to take place this weekend.

Hockenhiem Georg Seiler said “We have a contract for 2016 and 2018. It was discussed and it has now been confirmed by the World Council.” Both circuits share the race holding the race alternative years.

However he added that they “need a well-filled house next year. so that Formula One has a future” at Hockenheim. He said he hopes this years cancellation will reignite spectators’ interest.

He added “Hopefully Nico Rosberg will be champion this year, then (Germany) can have two champions against each other, one of them the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari. You can’t get better than that.”


Is Fangio my dad?

A court in Argentina has ordered the exhumation of five times world champion Juan Manuel Fangio to go a paternity test. There has been an attempt to block it temporarily because of a rival claim.

Local media has reported the judge Rodrigo Cataldo who order Fangio’s body to be exhumed and taken to the Atlantic resort city of Mar de Plata for DNA testing. There are two people claiming that there are the son of the F1 Champion.

Cataldo said “Precautionary measures taken by one judge cannot prevent another measure requested by another judge from being carried out. Biological identity is a human right that cannot be blocked.”

The ruling comes twenty years to the day since his death.


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