F1 today: 16/2/2015

F1 Today

Engine tokens for 2016

Renault says they many use there engine tokens for development of there 2016 power unit. Until this season engines were frozen but this was changed to a token based system is being introduced.

However they say they are considering a different approach delaying upgrades until the closing stages of the season. That would allow it to use this year’s engine development tokens to make early headway on 2016 power unit performance.

Renault F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul told AUTOSPORT: “We have been capable of not only thinking of the next few races or next season, but the next seasons. Even though we have two years of partnership to go before hopefully there is a renewal”

He believes that the development plan may harm Renault this season harming performance.


Archaic Manage

Louts boss Gerard Lopez has blames Formula One’s “archaic management” for failing to market the sport effectively.

Lopez took a leading role as the midfield augred for more funding to support the smaller teams. He has called for more engagement with younger fans due to the TV viewership falling. He says “According to the experts I meet regularly and who invest in other sports, Formula One remains the only activity offering a global platform likely to attract world companies. And yet, there seems to be some sort of blockage.”

He also says the sports funding is not enough for the smaller teams.


No deal yet

Organisers of the Malaysian grand prix say they have not agreed a new deal with FOM. The sticking point is who will pay the cost of the race as the current deal ends this year.

The talks are ongoing but Sepang International Circuit Chairman Tan Sri Mokhzani Tun Dr Mahathir says “The talks are centred on an agreeable price for organising the prestigious race for the next three years. We also have to take into consideration the current economic volatility … For now we have not made any decision yet (on extending the contract)”

However he believes the future of the race will be known by the  end of this year’s event.


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