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Smogy Singapore

Organisers in Singapore are concerned about smog hanging over the city. The smog is being blown over from Indonesia where they are  burning forests to clear land for agriculture.

The smog is rated as being in the mid- to low-range of unhealthy air quality. A spokesman said the haze will be an issue if it causes “visibility, public health or operational issues”.

The statement added that organisers will “work closely with the relevant agencies before making any collective decisions regarding the event. The possibility of haze is just one of the many potential issues that are covered in the contingency plan.”

Meanwhile Indonesia’s government has repeatedly promised to stop the illegal fires, without success.

At the weekend a number of sporting events were cancelled because of the haze. Smog is a regular occurrence at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai routinely affected by concerns over air quality.


News in Brief

Australian GP until 2023 – The government in New South Wales have announced they have secured a contract extension to hold the Australian Grand Prix until 2023. Last year it was confirmed they had signed an agreement to continue hosting the race until 2020.

McLaren film – Work has started on a documentary film about the Bruce McLaren who was the founder of the team. The production comes after the success of Senna in 2010. He was killed at Goodwood while testing in 1970.


Williams fighting rising costs

Williams will fight should the cost of the sport rise in 2017. Today, the strategy group meets in Singapore to discuss the financial cost.

The idea is to make F1 cars five-to-six seconds faster. They are also hoping that there will not be a significant rise in costs at a time when F1 has long been trying to reduce financial overheads. The team are preparing to fight if there is a rise.

Deputy team principal Claire Williams told Autosport that there hasn’t been a Strategy Group meeting for a while. Saying at “the next one will be the point where we know the costs involved in those revised regulations. One of the changes around the regs is that it doesn’t incur a significant cost increase. That was one of the objectives.”

Ms Williams says she doesn’t anticipate a huge increase, and if there is then we would have to fight against it. She also says she is often drowned out by those who possess greater financial weight.


Don’t know if we’ll get the upgrade

Mercedes three customer teams still don’t know when or whether they will be offered the upgraded engines. The engine manufacturer started using a upgraded engines in Monza for the first time.

The manufacture has used all there engine tokens to bring forward there 2016 unit forward to 2016. Mercedes is determined not to give one off its customers an advantage over another. This means they need to have the ability to service eight engines over the weekend.

The teams would also need to change fuel specs so they could use them to their best effect. Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley told Motorsport.com that they haven’t been promised anything yet.

Fernley added “ The original decision was this wouldn’t come out until 2016, the fact that it’s come out now, they may want to extend it to the customer teams. I think the answer is to find out from Mercedes what they want to do, and then we’ll adjust our programme.”


Love to race for Haas – Magnussen

Kevin Magnussen says he “would love to race for Haas” should McLaren fail to offer him a seat for the 2016 Formula 1 season. The dane is not keen on being a reserve driver next season.

This comes after McLaren’s racing director Eric Boullier recently stating the team “intends” to retain Jenson Button alongside Fernando Alonso. While Gene Haas has confirmed he wants a experienced driver which will most likely be a Ferrari reserve driver.

He says it has been reported he is on their target list and Haas has admitted that in recent interviews. He said that Haas and team principal Guenter Steiner are “both very smart guys, and the way they’re going about launching their new F1 team is clever and innovative.”

Adding “So, yes, if there’s no McLaren race drive available for me, then of course I’d love to race for Haas.” He says being with McLaren he has built his knowledge up by learning from some of the best drivers and engineers in the business.

He said he is in constant contact with McLaren Eric, and if there’s a vacancy next year then of course that would be great.


Not second best – Bottas

Valtteri Bottas insists that remaining at Williams was never the case of settling for second best for 2016.

Bottas had been linked to replace Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari in 2016. There are reports that Williams wanted too much compensation from Maranello to let Bottas out of his existing commitments with the team. Bottas has signed a extension with team.

Writing on his blog on Williams’s website “I think this is the best place for me at the moment and continuity will be good for us, particularly as I’ll have the same team mate in Felipe Massa. Together we have a good baseline and we can work together to get even better results.”

He added. “We can now start working on the development of next year’s car and share all the information needed without any doubts.”

He says the teams and his relationship wasn’t damaged during the links to Ferrari.


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