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Asking the fans

More details have emerged about the ‘engagement project’ that drivers are planning to announce next week at the Monaco Grand Prix. It is believed that they will as the fans what they want to get out of the sport.

They want the public to engage on topics such as technical, commercial, audience behaviours, etc – even asking fans whether F1 should be viewed as sport or entertainment.



Renault confident on Red Bull partnership

Renault says they are confident that they are confident that their relationship with Red Bull can last even if the Austrian team is trying to get Audi to join the sport.

Red Bull have been struggling since the introduction in 2014 of V6 engines and the departure of four time world champion Sebastian Vettel. This season has seen both drivers struggling to get in to the battle between Ferrari and Mercedes.

Red bull blame there engine parter Renault for their poor performance this season. However Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul says that his company’s partnership with Red Bull can last longer.

“We are here for the long-term but we are living through a tough moment,” the 37-year-old told Formula One’s official website.


Something went wrong

Renault also said to the Formula One’s official website that “something wrong” with their engine this season. The French manufacture has struggled to match the performance of the Mercedes this year.

Cyril Abiteboul said “something wrong in our validation process, from dyno to track. It’s just like aerodynamics, when the wind tunnel is not telling the truth; it’s exactly the same in the engine world.”

Renault has been working hard to catch Mercedes over the last year. Abiteboul suggested that Red Bull may even quit the sport altogether.


Michelin bid not favoured – Ecclestone

Last week the French tyre manufacturer Michelin announce that it may consider returning to F1. Michelin says it will only enter if it is allowed to make durable tyres and F1 switches to 18-inch rims, as it currently supplies to Formula E.

Today Bernie Ecclestone told Autosport that Pirelli have gone through a long period where they understand what we want. He added “That’s always difficult for them because if they make a tyre that is a bit on the limit, as we know, they get slaughtered. But in the meantime they are prepared to do that.”

Ecclestone is also unimpressed by Michelin’s preference for 18-inch tyres “.I don’t like them. They’re horrible looking. We want our cars to look aggressive, to look like race cars.”


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