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F1 Today

Haas’s major recruitment drive

Haas has launched a recruitment driver as they look ahead to building there team and progressing into the 2017 season. The American team has made a brilliant start scoring points in both races this season which some believe is because of their close relationship with Ferrari.

The team have made the best start to the season for a new team since Jenson Button took two back to back wins in 2009 for Brawn GP. But while the Ferrari parts are helping they do have to design their own parts which they aren’t allowed to buy.

The team will be looking to recruit many more aerodynamicists as well as aero performance engineers and analysts if they want to continue progress. Team Principal Gunther Steiner says there relationship with Ferrari “will be the same” next year.

He told Autosport “With more people, we can get more done – so that is why we need more people. It is the result of the 2017 car. We need to put pressure on to develop the 2017 car now.

Steiner added that some staff will be based in Italy and the team’s total manpower will rise to just over 180 people. The team also have a base in Banbury in the UK so you would think some maybe there too as well as at Kannapolis in America the main base.


Teams praise Haas

Midfield rivals of Haas have today been praising the way the team has started their debut season saying it’s the wakeup call the sport needed. Many drivers and team principals have been commenting on the teams start to the season.

Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz and Force Indias deputy team principal Bob Fernley, have been speaking to the magazine Autosport on the same day there Team Principal told the magazine about their development programme and a major recruitment drive to help them move forward.

Sainz said “After the first test we thought they would be where they are now, but then after the second we thought they would maybe not be much of a threat.”

“After Australia I wouldn’t say they were particularly impressive, especially in the race I thought we were much stronger.” He added what the team are doing was what the sport needs and was “what f1 also needs.

Fernley’s assessment of the team was “They’ve done a super job. You can’t fault what they have done, and the car is obviously competitive, so I don’t think there are any issues with that, but we obviously need to be battling with them.”

He added the are “well-managed, with damn good drivers, and a good technical package to start the season with.”


A joke focus on your job – Watson

Former F1 Driver and former Eurosport Commentator John Watson has told Sky Sports that F1 drivers that the letter to Berine Ecclestone is “a joke” and that drivers should focus on their job.

Earlier this week former world champion Jacques Villeneuve says drivers should “shut up” and not interfere with the rule-making because it is not their job. The drivers are concerned about governance, direction of F1 and the move to pay TV in Europe.

Watson praised the remarks of Villeneuve saying “Frankly grand prix drivers are lazy, all they do is work on a weekend. What Jacques has said in his comments is basically right.”

He added  “I just want drivers to do what they are good at doing and leave the other bits of Formula 1 to the people who manage it very well.” But Watson says that drivers need to have a positive influence in F1’s decision making, but feels they’ve gone about it in the wrong way.


Windbags at dinner2016-04-13

Nico Rosberg had made light reference to Berine Ecclestone calling F1 drivers “windbags” at a meeting of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA). He posted a picture of the driver having diner in China this evening.

Berine Ecclestone was not impressed with their joint letter about the concern’s they have about governance, direction of F1 and the move to pay TV in Europe. Ecclestone said this month that should not be allowed to talk, while some reports also had him calling F1 drivers “windbags”.

The picture shows 17 race drivers and Force India test driver Alfonso Celis, around and the message “#racingUnited or in Bernie’s words: #windbagsunited”

The only drivers who were missing were Kimi Raikkonen, Kevin Magnussen, Jolyon Palmer, Rio Haryanto and Romain Grosjean.


Kyalami close to modern standards

The developer of the Kyalami Circuit is close to meeting modern Formula One standards. The circuit last held the South African Grand Prix in 1993 but had has extensive renovations to bring it back up to standard.

A redesign and update of the now 2.81-mile circuit has been completed with significant upgrades made to the safety features. Andrew Baldwin told Autosport “We have a track which is close to being compliant for F1 There are a couple of areas which maybe would have to be changed.”

He says the circuit is working currently towards grade two which means the circuit can hold everything bar the Grand Prix. While ruling it out in the short term he said “but never say never. We’d love to see F1 back in Kyalami.”

When asked what would be required to bring a grand prix back to the country, Baldwin said “We would need government support. It’s the only way, as proven in other countries.”


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