F1 Today – 12/06/2015

F1 Today

More danger please – Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen feels that F1 needs to be “a little more dangerous” if it wants to become a major attraction for fans. The former champion is dismayed that F1 t cars have become slower.

He feels there needs to again be an edge to F1, and for the fans to appreciate the drivers are giving their all for their entertainment. He told Jean Alesi “When I first arrived in F1 it was more exciting for everyone. We must do something to make watching F1 more exciting, to appreciate the speed and to make it a little more dangerous.”

He added that people didn’t want to see people get hurt but he said it makes things a little more exciting.


Palmer five practice drives

Jolyon Palmer will take part in the next five FP1 sessions for the rest of the European season. The current GP2 champion has already done two sessions for the team this season.

He said he was “really looking forward to driving the E23 again in FP1 and then at the in-season test in Austria especially after not having been in the cockpit these past couple of races.” The Lotus has looked really strong and has come a long way he added.

He says it good for him do some more mileage and be in a more competitive car since he last drove the car.


No concerns over EU investigation

Berine Ecclestone has dismissed concerns regarding the possibility of an official European Union investigation into Formula 1. The way the sport is run and the way revenue is shared could be Investigated by the commission if  a formal complaint about the way F1 is run.

If the sport is found culpable of an abuse of power in the way it handles its affairs, the EU can levy a fine of 10 per cent on turnover, which last year was £1.06billion, as well as force a shakeup of its structure.

He said “I’m quite sure in all sorts of businesses there are people complaining for some reason to the European Commission. I’m sure they get fed up of people complaining, but I can assure you nobody has any complaints here.”

Force India Deputy team Principal Bob Fernley says the recent FIFA inquiries shows that no sport is beyond reproach. “Any investigation into F1 would clearly be very significant, and have to be very carefully thought out,” Fernley told AUTOSPORT.



Kvyat bounce back

Dannil Kyvat is keen to bounce back ahead of his team’s home race next weekend in Austria. Kvyat was Red Bull’s sole point’s scorer in Montreal after he finished ninth.

Red Bull has struggled to match the pace of Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams so far this season. Kyvat says he is not concerned about the extra pressure that the team faces. He told NBC Sport “I was at Toro Rosso last year so we didn’t have too much pressure from a media point of view, certainly not as much as the Red Bull Racing guys, so it was pretty easy from my point of view.”

He says he knows the Red Bull Ring well because he raced on it in junior formulas. Adding “I think one of the best circuits on the calendar. It’s fast, it flows well, the lap is pretty busy. It’s a good circuit and I have good memories of it.”


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