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One or two teams could fold – Dennis

Ron Dennis has told F1 Racing that he believes that “one or two” Formula 1 teams could fold before the end of the 2016 season. In an interview with the magazine he says F1 “is far more stable than most people realise” there were individual teams in jeopardy.

He told the magazine while he believes F1 “is far more stable than most people realise” there were individual teams in jeopardy.

“Certain teams are currently experiencing hardship, and in fact I wouldn’t be too surprised if one or two of those teams fail to make it to the end of the season,” he said.

Dennis says the small team problems are because of their own financial mismanagement rather than a sign of fundamental problems with F1. “The managers of such teams get into such positions because they spend more money than they have. It’s the same in any business: if you spend more money than you have, then you’re going to find yourself in difficult territory.”

He says that even big teams need to manage their finances well but every team believes there next upgrade will make them competitive.


Will get a chance with Red Bull

Carlos Sainz is convinced he will also get a chance to race with Red Bull despite them choosing to promote his team-mate Max Verstappen from this weekend Spanish Grand Prix.

Sainz who made his debut with Verstappen last year admits he would have liked to be in the Dutchman’s position, but he reckons his opportunity will come if he keeps on performing. Speaking in the Spanish media yesterday he said “”Frankly, when I heard that they were moving Max up, I’m not going to lie, I would have liked it to be me.”

“You obviously want it to be yourself who moves to Red Bull, but then when you think about it quietly and I see it more and more in a positive way.” He says Red Bull know what he is capable of.

“They have been comparing me with Max for one-and-a-half years and they know what I can do”. Sainz suggested that Verstappen switch may have been positive as he feels Verstappen often drove attention away from his own achievements.

“The goal is still the same, and my personal situation doesn’t change. It’s true that with Max there was a lot of media attention and there were results from me that were camouflaged by things he was doing, but that didn’t affect me and I’m not going to let me affect me.”


We are no longer muppets – Rosberg

Nico Rosberg says the clamp down on radio messages from teams to driver’s means that fans can no longer call them “muppets” who are directed by their team.

This season stricter rules were introduced by the governing body the FIA saying each driver to drive his car ‘alone and unaided’. Before the season Rosberg’s team-mate Lewis Hamilton said the regulations would make “a lot harder” for F1 drivers.

But Rosberg believes the rules reward those who get their preparation and homework done before the race. He told Autosport “I like the direction because now we’re more on our own.”

“What’s more important now is the pre-race preparation where we work more intensely together through all these different things [my engineer] can’t tell me in the race. There’s more focus on that. It’s more intense and complex.” Rosberg says that viewers can no long say “we looked like ‘muppets’ directed by our engineers on radio.”

Rosberg’s engineer Tony Ross who worked with him every season bar one of his F1 career says radio continues to play an important role. “Everybody has important roles but in my personal relationship with getting the car right it’s important and Tony thinks like me, which is important.” Said Ross.


Questions from leading drivers on Kvyat Verstappen swap

Lewis Hamilton has raised questions about the decision to swap Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat. Last week Red Bull announced that they were swapping the pair between their two teams.

Speaking at today’s press conference the world champion said “Red Bull have done well on bringing young talent forward but they need to be aware that young drivers need time to progress.”

“Mistakes happen. To take a driver out of a team he is comfortable in and put him in another is a tough decision.” The switch happened because of Kyvats recent bad luck and media reports that Dr Helmut Marko the advisor to both teams was keen on promoting Verstappen.

Hamilton added “They have two fantastic drivers here and I hope it doesn’t hinder either driver’s career, because they have bright futures. Too much pressure early on can lead to it going the wrong way.”

Fernando Alonso added: “The important thing is that both of them race for many years in F1 because they have the potential talent to be world champions.”

Sebastian Vettel says that he had “nothing to do with what happened in Sochi” and it had been “decided beforehand”


Ferrari far from disaster – Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen says that the problems that Ferrari has had this season have been far from a disaster, and that it is closer to Mercedes than the results suggest.

Ferrari were tipped this season to mount a major challenge to Mercedes but so far problems for the team has hinder there challenge. But they are hitting problems with their car. “If you look at how many points are left, it’s nowhere near too far [from the top],” Raikkonen told Autosport

“We do our best every single race weekend and it’s always easy to say afterwards ‘if’, but this is what we have achieved so far. Sure, we can do a better job, we want to achieve better results.”

“The aim is to be in front with two cars and we have done a good job with this car over the winter again. Obviously it’s not yet where we want to be – and challenge Mercedes every weekend in races.”

This weekend the team will be hoping that they can make progress towards Mercedes.


What impact does seat swapping have?

Last week it was announced that Max Verstappen would swap teams with Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull but what impact will the swap have on Red Bull and Toro Rosso?

Both drivers will keep their points and there teams retain any points that they already scored. Any points scored from this weekend will be awarded to their new team. There tyre allocations are already picked by the team eight weeks in advance so tyres are as allocated before the switch.

Engines are however allocated to the car not the driver but both drivers are on their first power unit of the season. However Kvyat has used more of other elements than Verstappen. The Red Bull is on to its second energy store and third control electronics (CE) of 2016, whereas the Toro Rosso is only onto a second CE.

Like engines gear boxes are allocated to the car but are due to be changed after this race. But Verstappen suffered a failure in Sochi with the switch the penalty for not using one for five races doesn’t apply.

The engineering teams are unlikely to have changed but it’s been announced t Xevi Pujolar left Toro Rosso last week. Both drivers keep their allocated number.


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