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Renault to test power unit next week

Renault will evaluate their B-spec power unit at next week’s test at Circuit de Barcelona – Catalyuna ahead of its planned introduction at the Canadian Grand Prix.

The French manufacturer is hoping the upgraded power unit will be more competitive against the Mercedes and Ferrari. The teams second engine upgrade comes alongside other upgrades to the front and rear wings as well as a new chassis.

Speaking to Sky Sports technical director Nick Chester said “”For the race, we have an updated rear wing as well as some updates for the front wing.”

“For the test, we have a full raft of things to try; new suspension, further aero updates over various areas of the car, some mods to cooling as well as evaluating the B-spec power unit, so we should have a full two days.” Chester reviled

Palmer will run his third floor of the season which was tested during a filmin day this week. He had already been given a new floor ahead of the Russian GP after struggling to find a car balance he was happy


McLaren optimism

McLaren are optimistic that there development programme will see the team progress further up the grid. In Russia the team scored its first double points finish of the season in Russia, with Fernando Alonso finishing sixth and Jenson Button tenth.

Racing director Eric Boullier says the race was a motivating factor for the whole team but it’s only the beginning of a upward turn which they hope will see them return to form. Like many teams McLaren are bringing upgrades for Barcelona.

He told ESPN “Our double points finish in Sochi was certainly a motivating factor for the whole team back in Woking, Sakura and Milton Keynes, but it’s only just the start of an upward curve that we hope to continue riding for the rest of the season.”

He added “We’re always impatient for more, but I’m pleased that the hard work consistently being undertaken behind the scenes was finally rewarded with some valuable points, and we head into the European season hopeful of scoring some more positive results.”


News – In – Breif

  • Jenson Button will drive on Tuesday, with Stoffel Vandoorne on Wednesday at the two day test following the Spanish GP. The teams are required to field a young driver on two of the four in-season test days in 2016.
  • Haas are working hard to get Romain Grosjean a Nascar debut which could be as early as this summer. Joe Custer, chief operating officer of Haas F1, told Motorsport.com. “We just have to make it work — whether it be this year, next year, whenever that is. We’re not sure.”


I had a deal move to Red Bull – Verstappen

Max Verstappen has hinted that a move to Red Bull was already agreed for 2017 before he was suddenly announced as joining the team from this weekends Spanish Grand Prix.

Speculation had already linked the eighteen year old to partner Daniel Ricciardo in 2017 anyway and rumoured his original contract meant he could be a free agent next year if he was not moved to Red Bull’s main team.

Speaking to RTL4 he had said a agreement about moving to Red Bull for his third year in F1, Verstappen said: “It was always the target, absolutely.”

When asked directly if that had actually been put on paper, he paused briefly before replying: “In the end, yes.” Verstappen believes there isn’t any short term pressure on him saying he wants to  add to his experience ahead of 2017.

“Of course you are going to compare yourself with your team-mate. I think it is good in the end to prepare myself for next year.” Verstappen says that in F1 the problem is a lot does depend on a car.


Haas announce their upgrades

Haas has become the latest team to announce they will be bringing upgrades to their car for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix. The American team will also have the new Ferrari power unit.

In Sochi the team also had a update to their front wing with a new rear wing being brought as part to an wider upgrade for both drivers Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutierrez, to go alongside its aero update.

Speaking to ESPN team principal Guenther Steiner said the upgrade in Sochi was unrelated but “We keep on bringing things, we just have to be sure that they work. You never can be sure until you’ve tried them, but as sure as you can be.”

He said the upgrade last time out had positive feedback and will be used this weekend. Steiner says the return to Barcelona will provide a comparison from testing.

He added “For us it’s quite a good thing. We can go to Spain and look at the data we had from the test and compare it and see if we’ve gone wrong somewhere.”


How F1 is helping the NHS

Williams is helping Cardiff University Hospital to modify their routines to incorporate practices honed at the racetrack. Williams have visited the hospital in wales to see how midwifes deliver babes and see how they could help them out.

The team advised the hospital on how they could make changes to locate equipment without delay, mapping out floorspace, using more hand signals rather than verbal communication and video analysis in post-resuscitation ‘debriefs’.

In a statement specialist registrar Dr Rachel Hayward said “We are putting wheels on cars and you are saving lives. We can’t see what the analogy is’”

”If your mechanic doesn’t put a bolt on a wheel correctly then you may lose your driver’s life on the first bend. If we don’t do something right in our resuscitation processes, we lose a baby’.”

Williams’s human-performance specialist Gemma Fisher Said “it’s a different pressure to what the doctors and nurses are dealing with at the hospital but it binds those people and builds that team ethic: even more so because they are in such a complex and stressful environment.”

Ferrari have previously worked with Great Ormond Street Hospital and North Bristol NHS Trust to bring in industry-style safety checks to improve the care of surgical patients


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