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Wilson’s funeral takes place

The funeral of the former F1 driver Justin Wilson has taken place in Northamptonshire. The 37-year old was killed last month after being struck by debris during an Indycar race in Pennsylvania last month

Five hundred people attended the funeral at Saint James The Great Church, Paulersby. Mark Webber acted as a pallbearer. Wilson donated his organs, helping to save six people’s lives.

His wife, Julia, read a poem entitled ‘Today I Washed You Away’ to mourners. “It is not fair you had such a short life” Julia is reported to have said. While Jonathan Palmer delivered the eulogy “Justin died doing something he loved. He wasn’t in denial about the risks.”

Last weekend F1 drivers paid tribute to the Sheffield-born racer holding a minute’s silence at the Italian Grand Prix. A private cremation of his body has also taken place near Silverstone.


Ricciardo calls for closed cockpits

Daniel Ricciardo says it’s time for closed cockpits in a bid to prevent any further fatalities. Today the funeral of former F1 driver Justin Wilson will took place after he was killed in Indycar after he was hit on the head by a piece of flying debris.

Jenson Button has led the calls for canopies to be introduced to single-seater racing. Ricciardo also believes the time has come for change to be made.

He told the Daily Mail “It is something I want to definitely go for – for me it is the last piece of the puzzle.”

He added “The helmets have come on a long way but unfortunately we have still seen some tragic accidents and you get to a point where you don’t care about tradition anymore.”

He says he doesn’t care about the stats which show there have been only a few deaths in the past few years.


Tyres allocations

Pirelli has announced the tyres which will be used for the Singapore, Japanese and Russian Grands Prix.

For the race in Singapore the tyre manufacturer has said it has stuck with their usual soft and super soft tyres. For the high speed circuit at Sukuza the hard and medium tyres will be used. The tyres for Sochi will be changed from medium and soft to soft and super-softs for this year.

Pirelli said the change for Sochi was because “The asphalt has not changed significantly since its debut last year, and looking at the data from 2014, a softer step is possible.”

Last year tyres in Sochi proved very durable with Nico Rosberg completing nearly the whole race on one tyre.


Webber attacks pay drivers

Mark Webber has attacked pay drivers in two interviews with the UK’s F1 broadcasters the BBC and Sky Sports. The attack was aimed at one driver.

On Monday he told BBC Radio 5 Live that the sport has never been weaker before going further on Sky Sports. He said “We know we’ve got quality at the front, but I just still think there’s the swing of the financial drivers [into F1], who are coming to basically decide what teams they want to go to, and also if they’re going to stay there.”

He attacked Pastor Maldondo for saying he doesn’t know where he is going. Webber said “what other sports work like that? If you’re not performing, mate, on your bike, get out of here.”

He says there are few who say there are a few who go ‘oh, I’ll just come up the next race and have another go’.


Upgrade or no upgraded Mercedes power

Williams are still debating whether they should use their upgraded Mercedes power unit for the rest of the season. Mercedes upgraded their power unit for the Italian Grand Prix.

However the engine was not given to their customers. Mercedes spend seven of their development tokens on the power unit revisions it brought to the Italian Grand Prix, with just factory team getting the upgrade for Monza. It is not known when or if there customer teams will receive it.

Rob Smedley head of Head of performance engineering wants the unit when they make their penalty free engine change to their fourth power unit.

He told Autosport “Obviously the works Mercedes team has had a power unit upgrade which we would dearly love in the back of our car as well. That seems to have been a good step.”

The team has followed Mercedes by changing their engines at the same races in Montréal and Monza.

Smedley says whether they take the new engines is under discussion at the minute.


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