F1 Today – 09/09/2015

F1 Today

Breaking point at McLaren

McLaren’s relationship with Honda’s could be at breaking point as reports suggest that the team has asked for the removal of Hondas Motorsports boss Yasuhisa Arai.

Arai has been under pressure because of Honda under delivery and produced little sign of progress after a dismal start to their renewed partnership he has dismissed suggestions that he should stand down. He once claimed that he believes at Honda’s engine was better than Renault’s.

The Daily Mail reports that ‘McLaren are so exasperated at Honda’s woeful performance that they have written to the company’s president, Takahiro Hachigo, calling on him to replace Arai.’ Sky News say they understand that Ron Dennis has written to Honda but the content is unknown.

Also they could be about to use millions of pounds in revenue if the team doesn’t improve. The team are on course for their worse season in decades.


Aston Martin in F1

After Mercedes decided not to supply Red Bull next year could there Aston Martin brand be about to sponsor them. Aston Martin is currently evaluating their involvement in F1.

Red Bull has proposed an idea where they could sponsor the team similar to the way Infiniti are. If they did they would allow Mercedes engines to Red Bull as the German manufacturer holds a 5% stake in the team. Also Mercedes decided against a tie-up with Red Bull.

Mercedes would rather Aston Martin work with one of their teams Force India or Williams. Earlier this CEO of Aston Martin Andy Palmer said that while interested in F1, there were financial factors that made such a move ‘improbable’. “The bottom line is that it would be very difficult for us. We as a company don’t have the kind of money to go into Formula 1 and make a decent job of it.”

Williams’s deputy team principal Claire Williams says a link with Aston Martin would be good for her team. Saying “”I think a partnership with them would work well. As everyone knows, they are talking to Force India and as everyone knows we have a long-term partnership with Mercedes.”

She added that the team were happy with the partnership at the moment saying they are pleased having that partnership with the Mercedes brand.


Will not go into December       

Berine Ecclestone has said that the 2016 season will not go into December to create a bigger gap between Singapore and Malaysia. Organisers of both races which are set to be back to back fear they will detract from each other.

Ecclestone told said “We can escape going into December, otherwise it’s getting a bit too near Christmas.” Malaysia organisers had no qualms about being back-to-back with their neighbours but reports suggested the Singaporeans were less enthusiastic.

Ecclestone had suggested last week that the season, due to end in Abu Dhabi on November 27, could move to December. The season will start later in  April with a record breaking twenty one races planed. The summer break has been cut to three weeks which has cause concern in the paddock.

Claire Williams has express concerns saying “It’s so important for everybody that works within the team and Formula One that they have that break … so we’ll be lobbying to have it reinstated.”

Adding “I still think Mr E (Ecclestone) is in conversations with various promoters around some of those races on the calendar which may enable a little bit of flexibility”


Ferrari reserve will be Haas driver

Gene Haas says that one of the Ferrari reserve drivers will be one of the teams drivers next year when the join the grid. The team has a technical partnership and engine supply deal with Ferrari for 2016.

The team has not given any further details on potential names but the comments may suggest that Esteban Gutierrez or Jean-Eric Vergne could get a seat. Haas told Autosport that hopefully there will be news in a few weeks.

He said “One of the drivers will be a Ferrari reserve driver and we’re still looking for an experienced Formula 1 driver, a current driver. No rookies.”

While the Team Principal Gunter Steiner added “We’re just trying to find the driver who best suits what we are looking for. We would like that both have driven F1 car before. One we want with real experience, one who has been through a few years in F1.”


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