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Engine price open but no force

Mercedes and Ferrari will be open to negotiate to the price of suppling engines to teams but will not cut prices at the request of the governing body the FIA.

Mercedes currently supplies three teams with Ferrari taking on a third team next year when the American team Haas. FIA president Jean Todt has been trying to lower the costs with the backing of the Strategy Group.

The current power unit according to Auto Motor und Sport, the FIA wants to cut costs to $12 million for power units and $1.5 million for transmissions by 2017. Both teams have heavily invested in the   V6 turbo and ERS technology over recent years and have built business plans around income from customers.

Maurizio Arrivabene told ESPN “let me know another product somewhere in the world where you have to sell something at a set cost,” he said. “We are negotiating to make sure we will offer the engine at the best possible price, but we can’t give a present to anyone”

Toto Wolff said Mercedes are also open to negotiations but could not simply tear up its existing business model.


Demise hard to watch – Hamilton

Former McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has said it is hard to watch the team struggle to be competitive in Formula 1 at the moment.

Hamilton career was supported by the team since he was eight until he left the team after winning in 2008 championship. He left the team before their current downturn in 2012. The team switch to Honda power this season which has proved tough for the team.

Hamilton told Autosport “We all know it’s been difficult for them this year and it’s definitely hard for me to see that. It’s such a great team, such a huge team, that’s had such great success, and it’s a team that I was a part of for many years.”

He said that McLaren can turn itself around and the team has “a lot of great engineers, and a team spirit which eventually I believe will pull through.”


Review team orders – Bottas

Valtteri Bottas says Williams needs to review their team orders strategy to avoid a situation they had at the British Grand Prix. After Bottas and team-mate Felipe Massa took first and second early in the race and told to hold station before being given the all-clear to race.

Bottas told Autosport that he felt he could have pulled away in the lead had he been allowed to attack.

He said “We need to have a better look at how we could have got the best outcome. I won’t say any more, but possibly there could have been something we could have done better.”

Head of performance engineering Rob Smedley defended the team’s actions saying they made the call with the overall interests of the team in mind.

“The key point was that we didn’t want to get held up fighting each other too hard and that was the message that we gave. If we were fighting each other too hard then we weren’t pulling away from the Mercedes.” He said.


Why did car fail – Sainz

Carlos Sainz Jr has called on his team to understand why his car failed while full of fuel at the British Grand Prix. The Toro Rosso looked strong in practice with team-mate Max Verstappen suggested only Mercedes showed stronger long-run ace.

However the team’s car changed when the 100kg of fuel went on for the race. He told Autosport that the team’s first race stints are still their weakness. He said “I don’t know why. It’s a shame because as soon as you’re done with high fuel, you put on another tyre and you have 70 to 80 kilograms of fuel, suddenly the car starts behaving normally and we have very decent pace.”

Sainz added that it is a personal feeling with the car, adding: “It’s about how comfortable I am with the car.


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