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Ecclestone asked to stay for three years

Formula One CEO Berine Ecclestone has been asked by the sports new owners Liberty Media to stay in the post for three years as there takeover looks set to be taken over by the US TV company.

Speaking to Reuters news agency the 85-year old said “They want me to be here for three years.” There have been reports that the first part of the deal could see rights being treasured this week. However Ecclestone and CVC chairman Donald Mackenzie voiced some scepticism about the time frame.

“Honestly, I don’t think anybody knows — including our friends from Liberty, and Donald” said Ecclestone, who still expected the deal to get over the line. Ecclestone confirmed he has been asked to remain in London to help the transfer rather than attend the race in Singapore.

The board is expecting the deal to be agreed next Tuesday with a new chairman in place by then. Ecclestone be lives that Chase Carey will replace Peter Brabeck-Letmathe.

Brabeck, 71, has been chairman since 2012 but has recently recovered from cancer and is due to step down as chairman of Nestle, the world’s largest food and drink company, in 2017.

“(Carey) can do lots of things that I haven’t done with this social media, which he seems to be in touch with. He’s been dealing with sponsorship with his TV people. Between us we’ll get on with it,” he said.

The deal would need to be agreed by the FIA with the European Commission (as Britain still remains a member of the EU) to look at the deal.


Mercedes tyre test

Mercedes are the latest to test Pirelli’s new wider tyres for 2017 at Paul Ricard. Manor’s Pascal Wehrlein tested the tyres on a modified 2015 car which simulates increased downforce levels expected thanks to wider front and rear wings next year, on the first of three days of running at the French circuit.

Kimi Raikkonen also had his first taste of the wider tyres, driving a modified 2015 Ferrari in a separate Pirelli test at Barcelona. The testing is part of the development program with Ferrari expected to give the best data to Pirelli and the teams.

Motorsport director of Pirelli Paul Hembery told Autosport “There is still a lot of screening going on with regard to profiles, structures and materials as we are still in the very early stages of development.”

Hembery said it wont be until late in the program that all the elements come together but it was the first representative test.

He added “We have all the initial simulation data from Barcelona, the teams have been providing that, so we already have an indication as to where we feel the tyre and car will be on a simulated level.” Hembery says it will allow them to compare hybrid car to the actual data.

Next years cars are expected to be around four seconds per lap quicker at Barcelona next year, although such times will not be set in this test. He says its far to early to have a idea of how fast the lap times will be.

Further modifications have been made to the cars as those that ran in early August were not to the required specification.


2017 provisional calendar2016-09-07

The provisional 2017 calendar has been released with the FIA promise not to clash the Grand Prix of Europe and the Le Mans 24 Hour Race being ignored. However all dates are subject to change with the final version expected at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

The season is due to start later in Australia however I would expect this to change to mid-march. This is because testing is later this year with two in February and Early March. China is the following week on the 2 April but there are question marks about whether or not it is logically possible to guarantee customs clearance in that time.

The 21-race calendar follows a similar pattern to this year, with a space out opening part to the campaign and four races in July. Th two tests are scheduled for late February / early March

Like last year the Austrian, British, Hungarian and German Grands Prix are scheduled to take place in July to allow the four week summer break.  Also Belgium and Italy are due to take place on the same weekends as are United States and Mexico.

A break has been put in between Singapore and Malaysia who will run back to back with Japan. The season concludes in Abu Dhabi on 26 November.

For the full calendar click here


Alonso to test Halo in Singapore

Fernando Alonso will be one of the drivers who will test the halo under the flood lights during practice at next weekend Singapore Grand Prix. Already it has been announced the introduction of cockpit protection devices until 2018 in order to conduct a series of on-track tests.

The Halo has not yet been tested under the lights. McLaren Technical Director told ESPN “”The plan is for Fernando to try it in Singapore, which will offer up a number of different variables: the circuit is lit, with some very tight corners, and with plenty of Armco barriers”

“His thoughts will be fed back into the working group as the teams progress with the ongoing development of head protection alternatives.” Goss says there is still plenty to learn from the on-track tests and a lot to be considered ahead of its introduction.

He says its not a big structural compromise but the Halo has an impact  but there is a plenty to learn from the on-track tests and a lot to be considered ahead of its introduction.

The areas need considering the car performance, the influences the car aerodynamically — both in terms of aero performance, but also engine-intake performance.  Also the buffeting and lift will also need ironing out.


Imola asking questions about Monza deal

Imola is launching legal action after the Italian government backed Monza to retian the race. On Friday, Monza announced it had secured a new three-year deal to host the race through to 2019, but the contract has not yet been signed.

Imola says that the Automobile club d’Italia illegitimately was awarded funding from the government to allow the circuit to retain race . Capelli, a director of the Monza organising committee, told Autosport the court will meet on October 26 to assess the case.

“The appeal court in Rome is going to judge if the steps the Automobile Club did until now, in telling the Autodromo of Monza that is the only title to receive the government money, is legal.” Said Capelli.

Last year the Prime Minster Matteo Renzi amended the law allowing the club to use taxes to pay the fee to Ecclestone. Which they argue was unfair as they wouldn’t receive the same funding as Monza.

Capelli added “Imola says, ‘no, if the Automobile Club is giving the money to Monza, it’s unfair, because we are the same level, we are an automobile club as well, and we want the same money that they’re giving to Monza’.”



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