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Ferrari on the right path – Arrivabene

Maurizio Arrivabene believed that the team is on the right path towards  returning to the top of the grid after the teams reshuffle. Ferrari became under the spotlight in Monza after president Sergio Marchionne said the outfit had ‘failed’ in its targets for this season.

Ferrari have failed to win a race this season when they were set the challenge of taking the championship. Also since the departure of technical director James Allison the team have not filled the post as Arrivabene has been looking to restructure the team.

Speaking about Marchionne’s message to Ferrari at Monza, Arrivabene said: “He said he can see some changes in the time he has been with us. He said the structure is solid.

“to be able to work in the proper direction and I think he is not happy about the results of this season, but he also sees some changes and he wants to look forward to the future.” He added. Arrivabene says the more horizontal structure in the technical departments is already reaping rewards judging by Ferrari’s improved form on track.

Arrivabene added “We took some action, and now since the last two races, things are going a bit better. The atmosphere in the team is very positive and everybody is looking forward to race after race for this year and next year.

“The atmosphere in the team is solid, everybody they are solid: we are looking in the right direction. We just need a bit of time, that is it.” Many teams have already began switching to 2017 but Arrivabene says Ferrs Ferrari  had a duty to its fans not to totally give up on this year’s campaign.


Takeover of F1 “good news” – Wolff

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff say the potential new American investors who are nearing a £6.5 billion takeover of the sport is “good news”. Over the weekend the story broke that Liberty Media are going to this week take over ownership of the sport.

Wolff thinks Liberty could help F1 adopt a more modern outlook if the takeover goes ahead, pointing to the success of American sports media to highlight his point. He told ESPN “If there is an investor that wants to buy shares I think that is good news for F1”

“You’ve seen it today, it was unbelievable, the fans and full grandstands. Maybe it is good news, American investment, American media company buys F1.” He adds that he does think things would need to change with the new owners.

Wolff believes that the sport can learn from the Americas with the use of social and digital media. But says they need a close look at “what they think needs to be changed, improved or what needs to remain. There is a reason why these guys can afford to buy this.”

One area of the deal which remains unclear is whether Bernie Ecclestone will stay on as F1 boss, a controlling role he has held since the 1970s. Wolff say he doesn’t want the group benefiting from Berine Ecclestone’s empire


Mercedes talk Singapore

Nico Rosberg says Mercedes can’t have confidence going to the Singapore Grand Prix because it was “miles off” the pace. Mercedes had their worse weekend of the season with the team only managing to qualify on third row.

The team struggled to get the super-soft tyres working in the heat of Singapore, allowing Ferrari and Red Bull to fight it out for victory. Plus Lewis Hamilton suffered an engine failure.

Speaking to Autosport Rosberg said “We can’t go there with too much confidence because we were miles off last year. In qualifying it was 1.5 seconds I think, which is huge. It was our most difficult race of the last two years.”

He added “So it’s going to be a very challenging weekend for us. We think we’ve made progress, but 1.5 seconds, that’s not going to be easy [to close the gap].”

Toto Wolff said following last years race “We drew some conclusions which helped us in the following races and throughout the season, and in Singapore we are going to check whether our assumptions were right.

“But there is no silver bullet as it’s not one thing that’s gone wrong. Many things probably merged into each other, and this is why I’m curious and excited to see how Singapore is going to work out.”


Tyres for Singapore

Pirelli have announce the tyre compounds which have been chosen for the Singapore Grand Prix. The teams had the soft, supersoft and ultra soft tyres to choose from for the race.

Both Mercedes have taken seven ultras but have varied there other tyres with Hamilton splitting the rest of his allocation to give him three of both the supersoft and soft. Nico Rosberg has an extra soft meaning he loses a supersoft.

Ferrari and Haas have taken the aggressive approach going for nine ultras for all there drivers. Like Hamilton Sebastian Vettel and Romain Grosjean has spilt the rest of the tyres equally two of both the soft and supersoft. Both Williams and the Toro Rosso’s have eight ultra-soft, but Felipe Massa and the Toro Rosso’s has a extra supersoft and Valtteri Bottas a extra soft.

Both Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo have seven ultasofts, four supersofts and two soft. Both Force India’s and Manor’s six ultasofts, three supersofts and four softs. Both Renaults have eight ultasofts, four supersofts and one soft.

Both Mclarens have eight ultasofts, three supersofts and two soft.


Rosberg’s concern over Zika in Singapore

Nico Rosberg has asked Mercedes about the risks caused by the Zika Virus for the upcoming races. Zika which was found in Brazil has a ‘very high risk’ of been caught according to the Foreign Office.

The mosquito born virus causes birth defects, notably microcephaly, where babies are born with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains. Pregnant women have been warned not to travel to Zika-affected countries. The disease can be passed on by sexual intercourse.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Rosberg said “As a family man now, I am very interested and am looking into it. I have started discussions about it already, actually.” Five of the next seven races have already reported cases in the countries.

Singapore, Mexico and Brazil are all categorised as ‘high risk’, while Texas and Malaysia have also reported cases. In Singapore 242 cases have been reported in the last week. Eyes will Be on the FIA who have issued advice to the teams and teams have issued advice to.

McLarens Racing Director told the newspaper “We are supplying anti-mosquito products and long-sleeved outfits, and we have sent a briefing to everybody about how to take care and all the why, what and how about it. But everyone is going”


Renault to make decision by Singapore

Kevin Magnussen has been told by Renault he has been told he can expect a decision on his future in Formula One before the Singapore Grand Prix. The Dane got a second chance after McLaren dropped him but the team are said to exploring several options for its 2017 line-up.

Renault are believed to be targeting Sergio Perez and are  evaluating its former reserve Esteban Ocon now he has a race seat at Manor. Speaking to Autosport he said “I hope this is the last race I’ll do without knowing what I’m doing. That’s what I’ve been told. There should be a decision quite soon hopefully and I’ll know what I’m doing then.”

It’s been a difficult season for Renault with them having to compromise this year’s car because of the late deal to make Lotus its works team, and it has never recovered.

Magnussen added “there were a lot of unknowns at Monza in terms of things we don’t really understand. It was in Spa as well but it turned out the right way – it gave us performance and we didn’t really understand why we were better.

“Here it was the opposite case, lacking performance compared to normal and not understanding why.” He added


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