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Making it in America

Gene Haas is hoping when his new F1 team joins the Formula One grid next season it can make front page news in the US. The team which is based in Kannapolis, North Carolina and Banbury in the UK is hoping to be the first US team in the modern era.

Hass is the first US team since the failed bid by the USF1 team which tried and was granted a place in 2010.  He hopes that the teams supports will be similar to what the US woman’s Football team during the World Cup in June.

He told the FIA Sport Conference “An example is the women’s soccer team in the US, I didn’t even know who that was until they won this soccer event and that was front-page news.”

Adding he is “hoping that we can have the same effect in the United States for Formula One because all of a sudden there is an American Formula One team and it will be the home team and people are going to cheer for us.”

He added he thinks completing with the Germans, British and Italians  will create much more international interest than what we do as a team.


Lack of integration – Abiteboul

Renault Sport F1 managing director Cyril Abiteboul says a lack of integration with Red Bull Racing is partly to blame for current woes.

The relationship between Renault and the works team Red Bull has been rocky over the last eighteen months has been rocky. At one point Abiteboul and Red Bull boss Christian Horner appeared to be launching attacks at each other through the media.

Abiteboul says the poor performance is due to the team not living up to its end of an arrangement to work as a de facto works team.

“It’s one thing to state that Red Bull is our team and a works team of Renault, but it’s another to make it happen,” Abiteboul told ESPN.

He added “They expressed a desire, but for some reason – and maybe the reasons are not completely on their side – we have not managed to move from the uniform statements to acts.”

He also said part of the problem is a lack of an integrated budget with which they can plan ahead with and properly apportion between chassis, engine and driver development.


Make it to the top with or without me – Bottas

Valtteri Bottas says Williams could make it to the top of F1 with or without him as his future remains subject to speculation.

The Fin is being linked to a move to Ferrari replacing kimi Raikkonen next season but he says he is still undecided on where he will be for 2016. He has been in the sport for three seasons and has proved his potential as well as the team.

He told Crash.net “For sure, this season winning is really difficult and I think maybe next year Williams performance is going to show more whether it is possible or not.”

He added “I’ve always said I think it is possible, but in F1 it’s never easy with any team. I believe in the future of Williams, it’s a good team and it’s been at the top many times.”

He said he doesn’t know where or if he is going to be next year.


Worthless pay rise – Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo has told Autosport that the pay rise he had this season has meant nothing without the results to justify it.

Ricciardo was promoted to Red Bull from Toro Rosso following the departure of Mark Webber in 2013. Last season he managed to beat his team-mate Sebastian Vettel taking three victories. But the team after their recovery last year appears to have gone backward.

He said “It’s highlighted to me this year how much I love winning, and how much I love the success of the sport. It hurts when you can’t fight for the wins, so I’m actually really glad to see that.”

He said going from the highs to the lows this year will serve him well in his career and it definitely toughened me up a little bit. I think it will make me appreciate even more when I do get a chance at winning again.


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