F1 Today – 04/08/2015

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Ferrari may keep Raikkonen

According to the Italian publication Motoronline Ferrari may keep Kimi Raikkonen for 2016 with an announcement at the Italian Grand Prix. There has been speculation about Williams driver Valtteri Bottas to replace him.

At an event for Sure Valtteri Bottas played down the reports saying “Obviously there have been some annoying rumours. Those are not true and they are not fair for Williams and not fair for Kimi.”

Motoroline is also reporting that the contract of James Allison will be extended despite reports that he would be made the scapegoat of Ferrari’s midseason development slump.


Proper competitor – Ericsson

Marcus Ericsson says he is finally a proper competitor this year and not just making up the numbers as he felt was the case in 2014. Ericsson made his debut with Caterham which went into administration in October.

Ericsson terminated his contract with the team a few weeks later after being picked up by Sauber for the 2015 season. Sauber also had a difficult season with them failing to collect a point, but has proven to be a solid midfield team this year.

He jokingly said the biggest difference this year was he has a competitive car. He said “It’s a bigger team, more experienced, and you feel that when you work with the people in the team.”

Adding “of course, as a driver, it was really difficult last year with Caterham because we were so far off the midfield, so it was difficult to make an impression.”

He also appreciates the role Caterham played in his


Wary of Haas – Lowdon

Manor sporting director Graeme Lowdon, is wary of the likely treat next season when Haas joins the gird. Haas’s arrival on the grid will mean that finishing in the top ten will be key next season as eleventh place will mean they will not receive funding from FOM.

Lowdon says the team will be determined to at least keep ahead of Haas when the American team enters F1 in 2016. He told Autosport “From what I can see the team coming in next year has gone about making a Formula 1 car in a very different way to everybody else.”

Adding “When they do fall under the rules at some stage it will be interesting to see how all that progression goes. But we have to focus on what we can do within the rules, and try and be as competitive as we can for next year.”

He said the team needs a rest hinting that work has not stopped since November saying “People have been tested physically, mentally, and without any question emotionally.”


Take data away

Jenson Button believes the rapid increase in the amount of data has made it easier for divers in recent years compared to the beginning off his career. Recently former Williams and McLaren driver Juan Pablo Montoya recently suggested F1 should get rid of gadgets.

Montoya claims that if F1 got rid of all the sensors that “racing would get better by 10 per cent, I’m certain of that.”

Button said when we were racing in the early 2000’s “it was about learning about the tyres, about finding your feet, learning stuff for yourself. It wasn’t about the team telling you how hard to push through one corner and how hot the tyres are getting through another.”

Speaking last month to the FIA Sport Conference in Mexico City, current IndyCar point’s leader Montoya said: “The driver is now lazy. There’s no feel. They see [the temperature] is too much they back off the pace.”

Adding “Look at the tyres, back off the pace, look at the brakes, back off the pace. If you take all that away it becomes a feel thing again.”


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