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Mercedes reject claims of favouring Rosberg

Mercedes have rejected claims in a letter to fans that the team are favouring Nico Rosberg over Lewis Hamilton. The team say they reject the suggestions in the media and online that they are address “the haters, the naysayers and the conspirators”.

Mercedes also say it was a “miracle” Hamilton’s car finished Sunday’s Russian Grand Prix as the engine had zero water pressure for the last 16 laps. It comes after Hamilton encountered more problems through the weekend. The team put a lot of empathise on team work saying they “travel, share, live, laugh, cry and celebrate together.”

The team say there is no number one or two drivers saying every member of the team has earned the right to be “counted among the elite of thre trade and have sacrificed much to do so.” In Sochi the team were “baffled by the repeat failure of the MGU-H failure… it took a monumental effort to make sure Lewis could start P10”

The team said Nico Rosberg also encountered “alarming behaviour” on his car which he didn’t know about and when he set fastest lap he was still in “safe mode.”

It added  that the team hasn’t met its target this season despite only being two points of where they were in 2015.


Not there to participate – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he will never be happy  “just to participate” in F1 and will continue racing as long as he has a chance to win. The reigning world champion who is in his tenth season has had a difficult start to the season after signing a  three-year contract at Mercedes.

A three-time world champion, is now in the top three of the all-time race winners and pole sitters with only Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna above him and he is the top British driver in the race winners and pole sitters.

Speaking to Sky Sports He saidc “The goal in racing is to excel in every opportunity I have still,” Hamilton said during a select media briefing in Sochi  still want to win championships, I still want to win races.

“I don’t know why I still have the drive to do those things because I’ve had quite a few of them, but it’s because it’s what I love doing. So I will continue to do it while I love it – and not just to be in it, to win it. I’m not here just to participate. I never have been and never will be.”

Earlier this year his father Anthony said he thought his son had “seven to 10 years left in the sport”. Hamilton added that hr had nothing planned.


Sauber to miss testing

Sauber have announced they will not be taking part in the third test of 2016 at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya following the Spanish Grand Prix. The team say the reason is because of a lack car updates and the lack of a test driver who meets the requirements.

The 2016 sporting regulations stipulate that teams must allocate at least two of the four in-season test days to young drivers. The team will then be required to run a Silverstone in July. The swiss team have been in  finical difficultlies and paid staff late in February and March but it’s not know if they have been paid late in April.

Last season the team with two other teams were paid their championship payments from Berine Ecclestone to help them through the winter. Team manager Beat Zehnder said in Sochi “We have financial difficulties, it’s not a secret. The good thing is that we are still around. We are working hard to solve all the problems but it’s not easy.”

“An annual budget this year is just a massive one and to just cover it by sponsors and the income from Bernie (Ecclestone) is just not sufficient.”

The problem is partly also down to the dollar exchange rate for Swiss Francs which was $1 for 1.5 Swiss Franc which has decreased since the global financial crash in the late 2000’s. Now $1 is worth 95 Rappen or 69p.


Las Vegas plans “struggling” – Ecclestone

Berine Ecclestone says that his attempt to bring Formula One Back to Las Vegas is “struggling.” Last month the F1 boss mentioned a possibility of a race in Las Vegas last month, but concrete details of the proposal did not emerge.

Now he admits the plans are stalling as he pushes for a track layout incorporating the city’s world-famous Strip. Speaking to ESPN he said “We are struggling a little bit now. I want to make sure we are on The Strip, so when people turn their TV on, they immediately know it is Vegas.”

In March Ecclestone said that Las Vegas has agreed to hold a race which is positioned to replace Monza on the calendar. Las Vegas last held the Caesars Place Grand Prix thirty two years ago in 1982.

He added this race was to run alongside the national grand prix as the Grand Prix of Americas after the New Jersey bid has failed. The Port Imperial Street Circuit was due to hold the race for the last four years but has been delayed.


Yuskei questions moves to increase nosie

Honda has questioned the plan agreed in Sochi by Formula One bosses to use artificial means to improve and increase the exhaust note of Formula One cars.

This season the sport introduced a separate wastegate pipe has increased the noise of the exhaust note, with recordings on the dyno increasing from 124db to about 128db (the V8s were recorded at 129.5db — it should be noted that decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale).

Engine boss Yusuke Hasegawa has questioned the need for it saying “I don’t see that we need to introduce some sort of artificial sound machine but if FOM wants to introduce that, we have to follow. But personally I don’t see the benefit of that one.”

He added in an interview with ESPN “I don’t personally agree and don’t know that we really need such a huge noise for F1. But we will follow their opinions and we have some degree of obligation as part of the F1 members so, yes, we can follow that.”

The detailed of the planned changes to car nosie haven’t been released and  similar systems exist on some road cars to improve the sound of the engine for the driver in the cabin and increasingly for the exhaust note outside.


Button nearly returned to Williams

Sky Sports David Croft says that Jenson Button almost re-joined Williams before agreeing a new deal with McLaren last year. Button started his career with the British team and according to Croft has an option for next year when both of the team’s current drivers are out of contract.

Speaking on the networks F1 Report which is broadcast tonight he said “You could speculate that that was the case, that Williams kept their options open and didn’t take Valtteri’s [option] up. It wasn’t until Jenson was announced as a McLaren driver that Valtteri was then announced as a Williams driver.”

Former McLaren mechanic and ITV Formula E technical analyst Marc Priestley added: “It would be a lovely end to the Button story to go full circle.”  Button himself laughed off the claim that he had spoken to Williams about 2017 when asked by Sky, instead hinting he would be willing to stay at McLaren if Honda make improvements.


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