F1 TODAY – 04/05/2015

F1 Today

Big chance in Monaco

Jenson Button say that this month’s Monaco Grand Prix will give McLaren the best change to cause an upset this season. The team has failed to score any points since they revived there partnership with Honda.

He says that the fact he feels confident in the car’s handling could bode well for the circuit. He told Autosport “there are a few areas where the car needs to be stronger right now for Monaco if we were going to go there tomorrow but it will be an interesting place to drive this car.”

He added “It’s such a tricky circuit to find the limit at. If you have a car that you are confident in, it makes a massive difference.”


Iran looking to join the calendar

The Iranian government has announced a plan to build a Formula 1-spec circuit in the south of the country. Last week the head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Masoud Soltanifar, announced in a visit to the region as the plan was being made for “the world’s most beautiful Formula 1 destination.”

However, this should be taken with caution because they state news agency has previously announced plans to build a circuit on the capital Tehran. But Qesham Island would be a better place because it is a duty free zone and has a history of tourism.

The Middle East has proven to be a popular region for F1 over the past ten years. There are also plans to take F1 to Losail International Circuit in Qatar which hosts Moto GP.


Hass not Ferrari’s B-team – Steiner 

The Haas team will not be a Ferrari ‘B-team’ according to team principal Gunther Steiner. Last year the team signed a technical partnership with the Italian team which will supply them with all ‘non-listed’ parts.

The list of parts that Ferrari will provide Haas are suspension mounting points, brakes, suspension uprights, pedal box, steering rack and the fuel cell.

Steiner told Autosport “I think they [Ferrari] are for us like a good partner, which helps us to get into F1. There is no plan to be their B-team and to do whatever they want. That’s not the plan. We asked them if they want to be our technical partner.”

The team last year ruled out any testing of their car this season as  it waits for its official entry to be confirmed by the FIA, because of the cost.


Louts back in the black

Lotus CEO Matthew Carter has said the team has “financially turned a corner” just over a year on from being forced to implement crisis cost cuts. In 2013 the team future in Formula One was thrown into doubt after they made a loss of £64 million.

According to accounts obtained by the magazine the teams has made a gross profit for the first time in many years, with turnover up by around a third. Cater says there is “still some arguments about stock and bits and pieces with the auditors (KPMG), but it is probably where we will end up, that sort of figure.”

But he added the team cut too much to start with and the benefit of switching engine suppliers is already being felt.


Don’t think Red Bull will quit – Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo says he doesn’t think that Red Bull will leave F1 any time soon. The team has been hinting over the last year that it is becoming unhappy and consultant Dr. Helmut Marko and team owner Dietrich Mateschitz indicated the energy drink company might pull out of the sport.

Ricciardo told the Brisbane Times “When I hear about it and the frustrations with Mateschitz, I completely understand as he’s not in this sport to make up the number. It’s his brand, his money and his image. Whether these exit threats are real or directly coming from him, I don’t know.”

Red Bull has already said it will be unable to fight for this year’s world championship and Ricciardo says he  finds himself in a leadership position at Red Bull, with a responsibility to keep his teammates motivated.


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