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Verstappen gives Red Bull a chance

Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger says that the promotion of Max Verstappen to Red Bull will give the a good chance to take on Mercedes in the future. Berger who was part of Toro Rosso says that Red Bull needs  the best possible line-up to have a shot at defeating Mercedes.

Speaking to Motorsport.com Berger said “I think the other teams are realising that if you want to beat Mercedes, when they have a big technical advantage, and especially on the engine, even if you put yourself on the same level, you have to beat these two drivers to win the constructors’ championship.”

He says that Mercedes have a drivers who are outstanding and the line up is unbeatable. He said Red Bull promoted Verstappen as a way to put pressure on Ferrari and next season they have a chance of competing with Mercedes.

Berger believes the RB12 is the best chassis in the current Formula 1 field – and that Red Bull can now see “a light at the end of the tunnel”.

“I think at Red Bull you feel a very big dynamic going on,” Berger said. “You know, in F1 you always have these cycles – three years very strong, or four years very strong, and then it’s going down.” He says that Red Bull have done a fantastic job and they have the best car this season.

Berger said that Verstappen is a potential future champion: “He’s still young, he still has to prove everything, but for me he’s a clear championship candidate in the future.


Under pressure more this season

Lewis Hamilton says that Mercedes need eradicate the mistakes as the teams under more pressure than at any other time in Formula 1’s V6 hybrid era so far.

In Monaco Hamilton suffered a fuel   temperature issue at the start of Q3 hampered his qualifying effort. While during the race Nico Rosberg failed to get temperature into his brakes and tyres in the early wet conditions in the race.

Despite the errors the team have won five out of six races and has a comfortable gap but less than they had in 2015. Meaning Ferrari are only 67 points behind with Red Bull only nine points further. Hamilton told Autosport “”I’m conscious of moving forward. But there are still issues, there were still mistakes being made, so we really need to pull together as a team.

“right now we have more pressure than we’ve ever had on us because of the other teams applying that pressure. You’re starting to see small buckles here and there, so what’s important is we do pull together, because we are the greatest team, we just need to refine a few areas.”

Hamilton denied that Monaco is the turning point in his season saying “We have a long way to go, and these past five races have just shown that anything is possible, and more so than not in a negative way for me.” He says the win will hopefully be a boost for his side of the garage.


Massa begins talks with Williams

Felipe Massa says he has begun talks with Williams to extend his contract. The Brazilian is the only driver this season to have cored in all six grands prix of 2016 and is seventh in the drivers’ championship, eight points clear of team-mate Valtteri Bottas.

Autosport asked Massa is he had started talking with the team to which he replied “Yeah, sure. We are working on it. I’m definitely not losing time to understand what is going to happen next year. We are working on it and we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

Massa believes that with major regulation next season he could play a crucial part in aiding car development. He added that his experience will help the team to make the “car better and make the team better as well, which is what we saw in the last two years.”

Valtteri Bottas said he had “not yet” started talks with Williams about continuing with the team as a race driver for a fifth season. The Fin says he thinks it too early to start talks about his future.

Massa added that he would like to try other motorsports in the future but not until after F1. “It would be nice to try whatever, different cars, whatever different categories. Maybe WEC, DTM (or) Formula E”


Palmer gets new chassis

Jolyon Palmer will have a new chassis for next weekends Canadian Grand Prix after causing damage to his car last weekend in Monaco the team announced today.

In their pre-race brief technical director Nick Chester “Jolyon’s incident means we will use a new chassis. The car hit the barriers quite hard at an oblique angle which damaged the front of the chassis and since we have a new chassis available it makes sense to introduce it.”

The British driver crashed on lap eight in Monaco as the race started following eight laps behind the safety car. Palmer blamed wet conditions and the slippery paint markings of a zebra crossing on a street circuit that uses regular roads.

“The car was pitched sideways and I collected the barriers. It was just the wrong place at the wrong time. I had a bit of bruising on my feet so it was just my ego and the car that had to suffer.” He said

Palmer will also receive a upgraded power unit after Renault only had two available one which went to their customer team Red Bull.


Need another big jump – Ryan

Dave Ryan Manor’s racing director, says the team needs another big jump if they are  compete with its closest F1 rivals after admitting its car is “nowhere near quick enough”.

The team has shown some signs of progress this season which can be partly due to the Mercedes engine and buying parts from Williams  but it is still struggling to escape the last positions in most races.

“There is no doubt that this year’s car is a massive step on last year’s. But we are still nowhere near quick enough. This year we’re definitely able to be competitive with some of the cars around us and the performance gap we had to find to do that was massive. But we need the same improvement again.” He said

Ryan say manor may need up to  five years to start fighting in the midfield which he says they desire to be a really solid team. They are targeting Sauber who are struggling financially and are just ahead of them in the champion.

“The way we look at it is they are just another team we’ve got to try and beat. It just happens to be Sauber next door to us and to some people they are the obvious target.” He added


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