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Monaco relief – Wolff

Mercedes motorsports boss Toto Wolff says that Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Monaco Grand Prix was a relief following the misfortune he has endured so far in this season.

The world champion has run into technical problems and has poor starts this season plus a crash in Barcelona with team-mate Nico Rosberg which meant he had gone eight races without a win. Hamilton managed to close the gap after Rosberg only managed seventh closing the gap.

Wolff told Autosport “These last couple of weeks [since the incident in Barcelona] have strengthened him and strengthened our relationship. That is how I perceive it.

“If you go through really bad times together it builds the relationship, gives it even more strength. We’ve had many discussions and difficult moments, but in the end this is just what the doctor ordered. We needed that win.” Hamiltons win came after Daniel Ricciardo made a mistake in the pits stop.

The mistake was similar to Hamilton’s pit stop mistake in 2015 when asked if he felt a sense of justice, Hamilton said: “No. People have asked me if I feel relieved, and that’s the first I’ve been asked whether justice was done. But I came here thinking ‘I’ve just got to go and do it’”

He added his experience in 2008 when he won in a similar way help him saying “I knew anything could happen. I was just dead certain I would be on it. And I was better in this race than I was in 2008.”


Frustration for Ricciardo for lack of title

Daniel Ricciardo has spoken of his frustration at not having “anything close to a world title” in Formula 1, after losing a second likely race victory in a row at the Monaco GP.

Ricciardo lost out in Monaco after a mistake in the pit stop which cost him the race win. Five years after making his F1 debut, Ricciardo feels he should have more to show for his career to date.

Speaking to Sky Sport he said “part of the frustrating thing is that I really do believe, and I’ve believed it for a long time – I don’t want to say it because it’s arrogant – but I believe a lot in my ability, let’s just say that. And I should be getting more rewarded.”

Riccardo says he has lost two wins and he doesn’t  have anything close to a world title and believes he should have something like that very soon. Riccardo is regarded as a talent and is aproching his 100th race.

He is being linked to replaced Kimi Raikkonen when he leaves Ferrari which could be this season. Last year was a difficult season but Red Bull appear to be back on form but it was his team-mate who joined the team and took a win in Barcelona.

“I think I took Barcelona on the chin and then took it well but two in a row now, and it’s not like we’re in Mercedes’ position, we’re not able to win a race, so to have an opportunity to lead two races in a row and especially here in Monaco” he added


Aeroscreen is long term answer

Ron Dennis says  that Red Bull’s aeroscreen could be the long term answer to protect drivers but says  the initial design would need to be refined first.

F1 is pushing forward with the Ferrari Halo idea which was agreed by the teams during a meeting with the FIA’s Charlie Whiting in Monaco. Dennis says while he sees the merits of the screen he is not a fan of the current design.

He told Sky Sports “You can never make a grand prix car too safe, but possibly the concept of a screen that is resilient enough to withstand real impact is good. “But I think the execution leaves something to be desired at the moment.”

The test was done in Soch on Daniel Ricciardo’s car in practice in Sochi with him not reporting any visibility problems. However the screen has not been tested in wet conditions, Dennis says it has to be carefully tested in all conditions before it was incorporated into the regulations.

He added “we shouldn’t really introduce it until we’re quite sure that visibility and stroboscopic effect that you have with that sort of screen is well understood.”


Willing to accept poor results from Raikkonen

Maurizio Arrivabene says Ferrari are willing to accept Kimi Raikkonen’s poor performance in Monaco as a one off.

Raikkonen had a bad weekend starting off with a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change and then retired from the race. The team were also off the pace in practice and qualifying but Arrivabene was reluctant to criticise the performance of his Finnish driver after the race.

“Every driver that I’ve known from the past has a track that they don’t like. Kimi doesn’t like Monaco, even if he won once here. We need not to complain about Kimi but to accept that this race he was probably suffering.”

Raikkonen added “I think from my side it has been better. Obviously this weekend has been very bad, but that’s how it went and we go for the next race.”


McLaren damaged my career – Perez

Sergio Perez says his season with McLaren still damages him in the driver market but insists he is still ready to step up to a top team should the opportunity arise.

Perez joined McLaren from Sauber which was the start of there down turn with him scoring less points than he had the previous year with underdogs Sauber. He was replaced by Kevin Magnussen for 2014 but managed to secure a deal to race with Force India where he has scored three podiums in the last three seasons.

Speaking to ESPN he said that recent podiums could convince F1’s top teams to hire him in the future, Perez said “I hope not only this one, I hope what I have been doing over the past years. I had a really tough time at McLaren and it seems that this is what everyone remembers.”

“My time at McLaren but no one remembers my time at Sauber, my time at Force India. All I can do is keep doing my job, keep doing as well as I can, keep improving as a driver.”

Perez says he is a more complete driver now and if an “opportunity (with a big team) ever comes, I will be ready for it and I’m up for it. If not, all I can keep doing is doing my job.”


Golden opportunity missed

Force India are to review their procedures after they say they miss a golden opportunity to achieve its best result in Formula 1 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Sergio Perez gained a podium which is normally seen as a good result for the team Deputy Team Principal Bob Fernley feels it could also have got Nico Hulkenberg onto the podium.

Hulkenberg was left lamenting the timing of his first pitstop, slating it as “wrong”, and adding: “It cost me track position and put me straight into traffic.” Hulkenberg was running third behind the two Mercedes and when they came in to change from wets to intermediates he got stuck behind Felipe Massa’s Williams as it stayed out longer on wets.

Hulkenberg told Autosport “It effectively ruined my race as I spent the rest of the afternoon stuck there. It’s very frustrating as I had the pace to be on the podium.”

Fernley added “we didn’t play a very good strategy for Nico on the first stop, and I feel had we done that then I think people would have been very surprised as to where we would have been.” He says other than that mistake it was a flawless race.

He says when a opportunities like this arise for teams like Force India they must deliver. “Overall I’m very thrilled at what we achieved, but equally as frustrated we could have done better, so we will look at it ourselves and take it from there.” Said Fernley


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