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This weekend formula one was due to race at the Nurburgring in German. However the race was cancelled after the circuit faced financial difficulties and Hockenhiem was unable to step in to hold the race.

Nurburgring has been facing financial problems which have been a surprise because the country is one of Europe’s strongest economies. These have been blamed on poor management. The circuit was part owned by a state owned company who asked European Commission for help.

In 2009 the circuit took $370 million loan for the government. The circuit has been under pressure since spending millions of euros on a racing-themed amusement park at the venue.

F1 in Germany

The circuit has been part of the F1 season since 1951 and was only cancelled once (even thou the race was held under the European Grand prix in 2007). Germany has seen a decline in attendance after the retirement of Michael Schumacher.

Germany has been a key part of the season since the 1950’s and is another bad day when the race was dropped in March. Two out of the six what I call key historic races (French, British, Belgian, German, Italian and United States) have been dropped over the past decade.

The only place in Europe where F1 is growing according to reports the UK. Silverstone have managed to build an event around the race with other races, music and entertainment. It was called at one point ‘Glastonbury on wheels’.

For me personally it is mind boggling that when you got to good Germans (Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg) and Lewis Hamilton all fighting for the title that there isn’t the support. I hope that this year is a one off and we will be back in Germany next year.


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