EDITORS BLOG: Season begins in February


I find this time of year the spring of the season is underway. Yes it is few weeks until the season officially begins in Melbourne. But the work for the teams begins now on Sunday when they and us will be learning where everyone is.

However, we should not read too much into this use it has an indicator of where teams are. Teams will not stop development following the tests even the fast teams because they want to stay ahead. Over a season a Formula One car gets faster.

The goals for the teams on day one are:

  • Does the car start?
  • Do the components work?
  • Does the data match the wind tunnel?
  • How do we go faster?

Formula One team’s and drivers share one goal they want to win at all costs. The aim not only on the track days and race weekends is to make their car the fastest. But, the costs of doing this is expensive and the big four (McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari) all have huge budgets. The big four are most likely to be champions.

The smaller teams find this more difficult but they face the cost of running the team has gone up and if you’re not winning investors want to be winning. If you win apparently you will sell more cars on the Monday. The point of winning is that you will earn more and the top five in the constructors championship .

The teams will hope they will be better on track when it really matters. So expect surprise’s going into practice, qualifying and the race a month today!



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