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The suspected domino effects of a Renault return is already being felt without them officially confirming that they have brought back Lotus after months of assessing their future in F1.

The French manufacture has three options which they are assessing

  • To buy back the Lotus team
  • Remain how they are
  • Leave the sport altogether

It is increasing unlikely that option two will not happen following the rows between Renault and Red Bull blaming each other. Red Bull’s dominance of the sport between 2010-2013 for not only them but for everyone seems a long time ago. But the team cannot just blame Renault they need to take some responsibility for their down fall.

The team were trying earlier this year to wow Audi into joining the sport but they were clear throughout that they were never going to join the sport. This issue is just one of the issues for the sport.

The sport has the following issues falling TV viewership in mainland Europe, financial viability of the sport and the direction to go in. It all seems so so long ago for the team.

What does dominance mean?

 Oxford Dictionary says that dominance is a noun. ‘Power and influence over others.’ Red Bull had the power between 2011-2013 to decide the outcome of the championship.

Mercedes would commit an act of commercial suicide to supply Red Bull. It is like giving you many rival a tow across the line.

It’s not only Red Bull facing a debate over there future as Lotus face collapse and need to find money to survive. Renault need to improve it seems like century ago since they won two titles in 2005-06. The sport needs to be competitive and innovative but it feels like Red Bull has thrown their toys out the pram.

If Red Bull and Renault were to go it will leave the sport facing difficult questions. Ask any team dominance comes and goes. It takes hard work to be at the top but you know you will be caught. Formula One has lost in ten years Cotsworth, Honda (2009-2015), BMW and Toyota. It will leave difficult questions for F1 if Renault went too.

If Red Bull wants to quit for me it wouldn’t be a big issue because teams come and go. They wouldn’t be the first to go but it will cause a shockwaves through the sport.

Big Four (or Three)

Current Big Four – Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari
Historical Big Three – Ferrari, McLaren, Williams

If Renault were to return Red Bull would lose it as the four manufacturers (Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari and Renault) would be the big four. However Red Bull is the ‘works team for Renault.’

Honda and McLaren know it will take a long time to get com. Tensions are beginning to build with some saying there at breaking point. There are no easy answers to what to do.


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