ECCLESTONE – Brexit has no impact to Formula One


Formula One CEO and Vote Leave supporter Berine Ecclestone has welcomed the decision of British voters to leave the European Union. The 85-0year old says  it made no difference to a global sport dominated by British-based teams.

“I have been a supporter of this all the way through. I think it’s the best thing. We should be ruling ourselves,” Ecclestone added.

“If we’ve got something to sell, and it’s a good product at the right price, people will buy whether they are Chinese, Italian or German…people will just get over this and get on with their lives.”

Eight of the eleven teams are based in the uk and seven races of twenty one take place within the EU.

But McLarens chairman Ron Denis has written in The Times Newspaper before the vote warning of the “potentially grave consequences” of Brexit.

“McLaren is based in the UK; more than 3,000 families are affected by our fortunes, as are our British suppliers and their employees. Remaining in Europe is fundamental to the prosperity of the McLaren business.”

Chris Aylett, chief executive of Britain’s Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) says that “Europe is a major market but so is the United States. There’s hardly a race anywhere in the world that doesn’t have products that are made in the UK.”

“Over time, will we lose things? We would anyway, even in the EU,”


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