F1 Today – 18/06/2015

F1 Today

Return to Ferrari power

Reports in the German media suggest that Toro Rosso could be about to return to Ferrari power from 2016. The team owned by Red Bull is currently supplied by Renault.

In recent months Red Bull frustration with Renault has led to disagreements between them over the lack of competiveness. Sport Bild says the teams solution maybe a return to Ferrari engines which the team last used in 2006.

If Red Bull was to link up with Ferrari the team would have a B team status and would have an engine down on horsepower compared to the works team. But advisor Helmet Marko believes that it’s a better one to where they currently stand.

Marko told Sport Bild “Even a B version of the Ferrari would be better than the A version of the Renault.”


Good news – Perez

Sergio Perez says it is “very good news” that the team is only one race away from the introduction of a B-spec car. The Mexican believes it will lead to a more competitive second half of the season.

Perez confirmed today that the team will run the b-spec car next week during the post-race test before its introduction at the British Grand Prix in a fortnight’s time. He told Sky Sports “We are going to have it for Silverstone. We are obviously doing some testing with some of the parts of the new-spec, but the main upgrade will come to Silverstone”

The team which is currently two points adrift of fifth-placed Lotus in the Constructors’ Championship is hoping to gain more points going forward.


Not more danger – Massa

Felipe Massa disagrees with Kimi Raikkonen’s view that F1 needs to be more dangerous. The Brazilian says the plans to make the sport more exciting don’t need to make the sport less safe.

He said “I believe it should be better. It should be more intelligent.I think in Formula 1 we’ve always had a lot of change, but maybe sometimes change is not changing anything.”

Massa also warned that things could get worse if they weren’t thought out properly. Saying “I want the car to be as quick as it can, but I think the changes need to be intelligent. The change doesn’t need to just make the cars quicker on the track”


Thin patience

Daniel Ricciardo’s patience with Red Bull is wearing thin. The Australian believes that the teams problems require personnel changes to get the team back to the top.

He believes there is an issue with the car which the team are fully get their heads around. Ricciardo has slipped from nipping at the Mercedes’ heels to watching them lap him.

He told F1i “I think some guys here are happy to get paid and just run around and make up the numbers and tell people they’re an F1 driver, but that’s honestly not me and I definitely realise that this year”


Hilton marks Mclaren partnership

Hilton has created a F1 inspired room for racing fans ahead of British Grand Prix. The room with has been inspired by McLaren drivers Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.

Hilton Hotels is marking a 10-year partnership with McLaren. The room at Heathrow Airport features racing equipment and memorabilia is the stuff of dreams for racing aficionados.

The room include driver race suits and helmets, a stack of tyres and a real McLaren racing car steering wheel. Fans can book the room over the next month.



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