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More powerful – Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton says he feels more powerful now than at any other stage of his career. Hamilton has  won nine of the last 11 grands prix and has been on pole at the last four, and he already holds a 27-point cushion in the drivers’ standings.

He told The National “I know I feel very powerful in this car with the package we have, and I feel I’m able to get everything from it. I also feel more comfortable in this car than I did in the one last year, and I feel within myself, with whatever approach I have.”

He said being compared to team-mates  has generally been they are more studious than Hamilton, who simply just drives. “Of course I analyse. You can’t be a world champion without doing that,” Hamilton said.


Raikkonen Considered Quitting

Kimi Raikkonen says he considered retiring from Formula One at the end of last season according to a Spanish sports daily. The Finn has had a good start to the 2015.

He is quoted in the Marca as saying “He wants to stay at Ferrari, 100 percent,” a source close to him. It says “He could not get the car how he wanted and was very frustrated,” the source added.

That has all changed in 2015, as Raikkonen is happy with the SF15-T and the better atmosphere under new boss Maurizio Arrivabene.

“The only problem I have is that Seb is faster in qualifying, but that changes in the race.” Said Raikkonen. The source added “Raikkonen, dreaming of a new Ferrari contract, finally wakes up.”


Shocked at retirement plans

Fernando Alonso’s comments about his retirement plans has surprised former champion Mikka Hakkinen. The Spaniard  left Ferrari after five years, unhappy with being in second place and failing to add to his two world titles won with Renault in 2005 and 2006.

He chose to take on the project at McLaren, who have teamed up with engine supplier Honda, with their car seen as one for 2016 as they struggle with development.

He says I have not spoken to Fernando Alonso personally about that kind of subject but I was quite surprised how it was written that he was already planning retirement

“So you are right, is Fernando ready to work next two, three, maybe four years in a situation when you are not close to winning?’’

“It can be a really boring process because it’s not only 15, 16 races in the season, it’s a long year, travelling around the world, it’s really, really tough, so can he motivate himself all the time?”


Preparing for the marathon

Pictures showing Jenson Button and his wife Jessica preparing for this weekend’s London Marathon  on her social media accounts.

Button who is currently last in champion added the caption: “London Marathon training with the missus in Hyde Park.”

The Englishman will be hoping to change that when he returns to the track for the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona on May 10.


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